Gestaltteraapia Arenduskeskus organizes training of gestalt therapists together with GIS-INTERNATIONAL (Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia).

To join the program, you need to meet the requirements in education and personality, you have to speak English and you need to have experienced group therapy (130 hours).

It is a four-year training and it consists of the following:

  • training seminars (practicum and theory)
  • individual therapy
  • study groups
  • practice in therapy groups
  • supervision

There is an examination at the end of every training year. Also you have to write and present your thesis.

Training seminars are lead by gestalt therapists from Estonia, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

In the autumn 2010 a new group is starting. Ask for more information: Katrin Rosental, tel: 50 54 662

Trainig program 2010

More information info: Katrin Rosental, tel 505 4662,